Mid Year Review

Arial Mosley and Joshlyn Miller

Arial: I got myself out of toxic relationships with people in my life. Now I’m with Caleb Thomasson and he’s been a very positive thing for me in my life! I finally came out to my grandparents as bisexual, so I feel like I have more freedom to express myself. I’m looking forward to graduating because my senior year is almost over and I’m very excited to start my life. My new year goals are to try and be a more positive and healthier person.

Joshlyn: I feel like the hardest part of the year is over, I don’t like school as it is it’s just exhausting. I feel better knowing that I won’t feel like this after I graduate. School takes up a lot of energy and time from me so it makes me happy knowing that I can finally enjoy doing the things I want to and I’ll have all the time in the world to enjoy my freedom. I’m looking forward to graduating the most and my new years goal is to do anything I can to get where I need to be by the time we graduate in May.