Most Likely to become a Millionaire: Mekilya Smith

Mekilya Smith



At this point, we all know that I’m a senior here at Westside High and roughly how I’m getting through the high school experience. So far, I’ve wrote about things that piss me off here or things that aren’t so much as interesting for me here. I’ve told myself that after the beginning of our senior year that I’m not really interested in anything pertaining to Westside. But little did I know, I would catch myself in the running for anything because I’m pretty sure everyone knows I hate it here.

But on to the next there were features and headlines for so many different positions to run for. These happened to be stuff like “cutest couple”,” messiest people”( which is really 90% of Westside), “best dressed”, etc but then there were runnings that caught my eye which were “most ambitious” and ” Most likely to be a Millionaire”. I didn’t even know that majority of the school voted me for it already but i just felt like i was made for it because I always have a new hustle, because if I ain’t touching new money everyday i take that sh** personal.

But I felt I would make this because I literally sell everthing food wise. I do hair from time to time and even design particular things to put a lil more money in my pocket. I literally invest in myself and see everything as a flip. I feel if you don’t have that mind set you wont stack nothing at all. Which I highly encourage wants you start talking like a boss, you’ll become one and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Later on the next week after votes were cast, I won most likely to be a millionaire. Which I was excited about because I felt I deserved every bit of that title. But it meant to me people caught an understanding of what I’m about. I felt like i was way more ambitious about anything though because I was determined to set the motive that one day maybe months from now that all pressure will be applied when I step in any room and everyone is going feel it.