A Blast from the Past

Reagan Stoker, Reporter

3 years later the Special Education Program has changed a little bit. Mrs Harper and Mrs Jakob have been working at Westside for 7 years. They don’t believe in favoritism.What changed is a new principal and new students. Mrs Ruise have been working at Westside for 6 years and the students have changed and she believes that everyone has a favorite student she has kids she likes and some she does not like.

Two students Jackson Brockett and Alex Adelman both freshman believes that a lot has changed since middle school more friends, more help Adelman says,”making friends is easy glad I have Joisah and Reagan as my bestfriends.”Brockett has a sibling with special needs. He has a lisp and she has a hearing loss. They are both glad they get more help from here than their old schools.

Overall the ESE Program has changed a little bit but change is good.