Madison Allen, Amazing

I remember a couple months ago when I heard about COVID-19. No one knew about it yet. It was still contained to Wuhan, China and only around 2,000 were infected and around 80 people had died. I mentioned it to my science teacher, not thinking it’d turn into much. I don’t think any of us could’ve imagined the chaos that it has now causes. This virus now effects all of our lives. In a way I wonder if it’s a bit of an overreaction. Do we really need to be out of school? Millions of people are infected with the flue each year and thousands to tens of thousands die, but we’re still in school. COVID-19 is a bit more deadly, but is all this necessary? For some people this whole situation sucks, especially the seniors who were looking forward to the rest of the senior activities this year. Hopefully they can get back to them. Others im sure are rejoicing that they are able to lay in bed and do school. Some of us might be wondering about how this is going to effect the economy. It doesn’t seem so stable anymore now that everyone is buying all the toilet paper. Time will tell how this event will turn out. Hopefully it’ll be an awakening for us and some good can come out of it.