Quarantine for me

Joshlyn Miller, Editor

Let me start by saying this sucks a lot, especially for seniors this year. The virus has messed up so many lives and hurt so many people. The virus  is only going to get worse from here but we can’t do anything about that. Anyways this extended break has given me a lot of time to ruin my sleep schedule, lose all motivation for this school stuff, and give me a lot of time off from work. I also have been able to read a lot more and finally watch TV I haven’t done that in a while. I can focus more on my drawings and sleep whenever I want. I get to see my girlfriend still which is good for now, I still miss my friends though. Senior year sucks more than it did, and it takes forever to get our refunds back for our stuff too. At this point I don’t think we’re even getting a graduation, I just want this to be over with soon.