Lindsey Schlegel

1)Quarantine has taught me…The importance  of routine.

2)Im glad I don’t have to… wake up early for the bus anymore

3)Ive realized ive been taking…the presence of people for granted

4)If I could have anything for the rest of this it would be…Food

5)Im going to tell my kids or my grandkids that this was…A crazy experience

6) the easiest part of this has been…staying home

7) im increasing my knowledge by… doing the assigned schoolwork

8) I was looking forward to…seeing my brother go to prom but it was cancelled

9)One thing I wish the world will learn from this is to stay clean all the time

10) the worse part of this was not being able to see the people I love

11)the most bizarre thing ive heard yet is…that corona started from eating bat soup

12)my binge-worthy show has been trailer park boys

13) the first thing im going to do when this is over is… visit my girlfriend

14)im taking this as an opportunity to… be more independent

15) something ive learned about myself during this time is….i have no outside life

16) the best source of entertainment has been youtube

17) the biggest way my life has changed is…it hasn’t changed at all

18) one thing that will never change is…myself

19) ive been practicing how to…sleep all day

20) an average day for me now looks like smoking and sleeping

21) my go-to snack has been…corndogs