Quarantine With Demichael Sterling

How do feel about quarantine?

Demichael: I hate that it messed up my senior year, but it’s necessary to keep everyone safe and healthy

Ok, so how does this affect your senior year?

Demichael: I don’t have a prom, grad bash, senior week, and probably won’t have a graduation.

Demichael: It really sucks but right now, I’m just focused on going to college.

Do you know anyone who has the virus?

Demichael: Yeah, a family friend of mine, who knew my mom and uncles and auntie when they were kids got it

Demichael: It just shows you that this is not a game.

What is the best way for you to help someone during this virus?

Demichael: Social distancing, talk to people, ask them how they doing, and just make the most out of it?