Protest For Civil Rights( My Opinion)

rowan aboeid, writer

First of all i will try to continue writing cause i really do love it here.

Rawan Aboeid

senior 2020

Although i do agree that change needs to happen it has to be in more than one field. To be a teenager and realize how broken up the world is tough. We as humans are fighting wars on different fields. Everyone is fighting from kids to elders, all races, all origins, all backgrounds. We need an army to fight these issues even to the smallest details and since we currently have one we might as well fight it together cause all lives matter. We know life is not fair but for a kid to suffer through it and fight the elders war is something that we should put an end to. There is a lot of injustice in this world for it to be ignored.

Some of the issues that need just as much attention:

  1. racisim
  2. bullying in all its shape and form
  3. terrorism threats
  4. lack of education and equality in areas around the world
  5. trafficing in all its form
  6. domestic abuse
  7. child abuse and injustice
  8. protection to the victims of the crime whether convicted or not
  9. drug
  10. gangs
  11. wars
  12. nature threats
  13. pollution and loss of habitats
  14. hunger
  15. homeless and lack of support
  16. elections canidates actually doing what they promised
  17. corruption
  18. electronic takeover of our daily lives
  19. rise of crimes
  20. increase of the altered food
  21. still monoplies in some fields
  22. threat of nuclear weapons
  23. refugees and immigrations
  24. loss of culture nothing is getting passed down anymore
  25. still fighting and racisim over religions belief
  26. injustice in the military and the ranks
  27. loss of vocabulary we can’t even have a full conversation without slangs which all need to be elimanted in future carreer to be taken seriously
  28. child agency need more help
  29. have a lot of stray pets and more in danger
  30. branding people and labeling them and making them change who they are to fit in
  31. school are not even that safe someone can just walk in and threat our lives
  32. children marriages
  33. teen pregnency to bring a child into this world is scarier than facing it on your own
  34. women inequality around the world
  35. losing languages that exsisted for years
  36. polluting the water
  37. History repeats itself in all aspects
  38. the internet is a scary place
  39. no privacy anywhere even in your own home
  40. earthquakes and other natural disasters
  41. obesity
  42. medicare and goverment support people need more without the politics of the system
  43. the money losing value
  44. con artists and thefts

To be of this age and realize all those problems makes you realize that its okay to be scared cause it is very scary out there. After seeing all these i hope you choose a career that actually makes a difference. No effort no matter how small goes unnoticed. Raise your kids to care for others, teach them kindness, teach them how to love, teach them what it mean to fight in today world and have someone supporting them.

Coming here to this point in life your probably heard from your parents how they struggled although it will be your job to make it easier for your family don’t leave it without an effort. Fight with people use your voice to help them. Getting to a place of power won’t mean nothing if you don’t feel good about yourself and use it to do some good. Be the voice of the weak and make them stronger.

There is so much problems in this world you don’t need to become one. Even helping one person feels good but it doesn’t mean you have to stop. ”There is miles to go before i sleep” although life feel short its not short enough for you to stand and not do nothing. For example There is so much fake homeless people hesitate to give a homeless person. We need to do kindness yet not air out that we are doing it. Do not do it for the attention give them a voice but not yourself a credit. Let them do that for you so people won’t hesitate to approach you for help not so you can wear fancier suits. For example i don;t like expensive stuff i rather either save it for my future of give it to someone no matter what they will do with it. Even helping a lady cross the street can keep you humble and its the simplest act of kindness to help who needs it.

And again the world is messed up even if we can’t fix it all we can do some of it. I can’t be everyone but i can be someone who provide relief to people and show them there is still goodness outside in the world. Don’t choose a job based on how much money you can make but how much change you can do and how much do you love it.


Be nice

Be kind

Be helpful

Be smart