Doula/Social Studies Teacher ?!

Social studies teacher Heather Rollinson also works as a doula.


Jailyn Henry

Social studies teacher Heather Rollinson also works as a doula.

What is a Doula ?

– A doula is what I like to call a mothers best friend. She is an advocate, provides guidance and support to a pregnant woman during prenatal during labor and postpartum. She typically doesn’t have normal obstetric training.

How did you become interested ?

– Through my own health challenges and simply being a woman, I became irritated going to the doctor and being loaded with medication. I began to research natural and herbal remedies through my research and peaked interest in women healthcare I was led to gain the knowledge in the high mortality rate as it deals with African American women and childbirth. I developed a passion for becoming an avenue to education and help the community to decrease that statistic. One of my close friends is co-founder of the largest Doula organization in North Florida. Through her leadership I was able to gain more tools to become a Doula.

Is it a side job, hobby? How would you describe it? Do you want to pursue this full time someday? 

– I wouldn’t say it is a job but a passion. Women’s healthcare is something I will never get tired of researching, reading, and becoming a student and teacher of, especially as it relates to childbirth. I am currently working on obtaining another bachelors degree in nursing and will continue to get a doctorate in nursing. My end goal is to be a CNM (certified nurse midwife) with a focus on holistic healthcare. I am currently a Doula that specialize as a Fertility Doula, Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, as well as a certified herbalist. It is my goal to work fully within the healthcare industry.