To Breonna

Dasia Mask, writer


For you, we waited 195 days for justice, although trends of racially fueled decisions in the courtroom foreshadowed the series of events that were to come; the nation was still brought to a halt. To tell the truth, we would fight for you another 195 days if it meant the outcome would be different. 65 years prior to the decision made on behalf of your case, our brother Emmett Till, both young and innocent (like you) was wrongfully accused and murdered at the hands of men who saw skin color as a threat.  The idea that we’ve made progress in the fight against prejudice is juvenile, but you know that better than anybody. I’m sorry that in devoting your life to other people you were stolen away from a life time of opportunity, I’m sorry that your neighbors received justice before you did and that the monster involved was only charged for the shots he missed, I’m sorry that black women are the most disrespected women in America, however I hope you know you sparked a movement. The country became a little too comfortable with letting racial offenses occur, but for you we will wait, and until you are given the justice you deserve we will say your name.