Somethings are more than just a game!

September 26, 2020

September 25, 2020 Westside took on Ed. White High School in a fierce victory of 36-8.

Christopher Johnson (#5 WR)
Afeyohn Miller (#11 WR)
Antwon McCrae (#8 WR)

As the game started off Christopher Johnson (#5 WR)  made an exhilarating reception; putting 6 points on the board and kneeling with a purpose later to be comforted by his team. You can hear Antwon McCrae (#8 WR) upon embrace telling Johnson “You’ll be okay”. I realized… somethings are more than just a game! Everyone has a story to tell you’ll never know until you ask. Westside High School hosts a variety of different ethnicities with a background of the unknown.

Chadwick Martin (#1 DE)


Rabegaelle: What are you playing for?

Chadwick Martin (#1 DE): I am playing for my family, coaches and for a ring.

Rabegaelle: Who do you really know?

Chadwick Martin (#1 DE): I know the coaches well enough to know that they want a ring more than anyone, and want us to have a future.

Rabegaelle: Who do you understand?

Chadwick Martin (#1 DE): I understand the coaches and my teammates.

Rabegaelle: Is the game worth it?

Chadwick Martin (#1 DE): The game is so worth it because this game is my life.

Rabegaelle: What do you want to be remembered for?

Chadwick Martin (#1 DE): For being one of the best D-Lineman that wore #1 and got a ring for his teammates and coaches and himself.

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