Thomas Caldwell, an inspiration

Dedicated to a legend

Dasia Mask, opinion writer

If you were to ask me who my greatest inspiration is my answer may surprise you! The person I look up to most was a luminary when it came to the game of basketball even though he never made the big leagues. He charged everything to the game and every emotion you could think of influenced his skill set. His frustrations were transformed into lessons, his excitement molded into his vigor. Upon revealing this it may also raise the question, “Why is your role model a basketball player when you don’t even indulge in the game yourself?”. With a heavy heart my response to that question is, because he proved your circumstances don’t have to define your success and even when the all the lights dim you still have the opportunity and ability to shine.  Thomas Caldwell’s name will always hold weight to me because his personality was of a nature I always aspired to achieve. What a life it was to live in his presence, always making others happy and putting them in good spirits.