Who is Elisabeth O’Donnell?

Dasia Mask

Often the countless amounts of under-payed and over worked hours that teachers and professors dedicate to their students goes unnoticed, I think its important to highlight the teachers who show up and go the extra mile, so they are aware of the appreciation we have for them. In this q&a we will get a closer look at who Ms.O’Donnell is and what makes her an excellent educator…

Question 1: What is your name?

Answer : Elisabeth Pallant O’Donnell

Question 2: What drives you?

Answer 2: “My aspiration to be the best at what I do”

Question 3: What is your passion?

Answer 3:  “Reading and cross stitching antique samples”

Question 4: If you could work anywhere and or be anything with no regard or worry about financial factors, what would you do?

Answer 4: “Be a teacher in London or Dublin”

Question 5: What was life like growing up?

Answer 5: “I grew up with a very large extended family, my mom was a major in the army nurses corp. so at times she was overseas so I got to stay with my grandparents on the family farm of 360 acres or with my German grandmother who designed dresses. School was interesting and fun since I was the generation of baby boomers,school was not prepared for our impact, 35 students to a class. If we got in any trouble at school it was 10 times worse at home- with grandparents being disappointed in you .

At age 6 I started swimming in competition and did it for 10 years, being asked to train for the Olympics in 1964. I turned down the offer wanting to graduate with my class in 1965. Vietnam had started in 1963 and we lost a lot of friends and class mates.

My hometown was a mixed area of a lot of first generation families of immigrants so we became very culturally diverse and accepting of others. Also the traveling traveling to visit family was an education and learning experience.