Flint injured in skydiving accident

On a skydiving adventure, Mr. Flint broke a vertebrae in his back when landing from his 5th skydive last week.  He underwent surgery and has to wear a back brace.

He is scheduled to return to school Nov. 9.

Per usual, Flint is in great spirits and can’t wait to share his stories and new knowledge.


From Flint:

“By now many of you may have heard about my accident during my 5th and final jump on Saturday. I and 7 others were jumping from Huey 204 Chopper at 1500 AGL i was jumping 3rd position in my stick of 8 when i landed I suffered a compression fracture of my T12. I had surgery on Sunday morning and since then i am back on the mend expected to make a full recovery. i will be out the rest of the week but will be returning to work on Monday with some amazing stories and new resources for our school to take advantage of. i am doing well. and i LOOK FORWARD TO RETURNING. Make no mistake this Wolverine is now AIRBORNE Fierce certified and as they say in the airborne world (Airborne All The Way) See you all Monday”