A win for us all


Dasia Mask

“Oh, that’s a bunch of bs” these are the words my coworker utilized to caption the broadcast of Kamala Harris’s blended family following the projection of her and Joe Biden’s new position as POTUS and vice president. While it came as a shock that he would say something like this  in a place of work I was especially concerned that he was so open with it as I a mixed woman myself, sat in the room. It already feels like the color of my skin leaves me in between a rock and a hard place, when trying to figure out where you fit in ,however; the ignorance of his comments seemed miniscule as this moment remains as a reminder, as well as a dose of empowerment. I had to remove myself from the sense of anger i felt towards his words as I realized, no matter how he felt towards Kamala’s family, and families everywhere that look like mine, we still were left with a win. Not only did we get a woman in office, we got a woman of color. Whoever said America was for dreamers, I finally feel as if there is depth in this statement, and while the politics of the situation are of the upmost importance, it feels beyond good to know that not only do we have someone who looks like us with a hand in issues around the country, but we have someone who understand our struggle, influencing and working on issues that impact our communities directly. So, for that I say thank you to Mrs.Harris, for finally giving little girls everywhere hope that there’s no reason to fight to fit in when you can win by standing out.