The Rise and Reign of Rodney DuBose

Dasia Mask, Columnist

Since 2013, Coach DuBose has been at the head of the Westside Wolverines football team; in a previous article I mentioned the importance of expressing the appreciation we have for teachers, which led me to the curation of this interview. Whether anyone else sees it or not, I aspire for him to know that  the countless hours that both him and Mrs. DuBose dedicate to the football team and the cheer team are important to make note of, and not overlooked. On and off the field, he is continuously thinking about ways to better his players, whether it be making sure they are in class, making sure they eat, or ensuring they look their best on the game days when they are supposed to dress up. The dedication  he has to us does not stop. Being a football manager myself, I get to witness this first hand, everything he does he puts his heart into, even on days when he may feel overwhelmed. He truly has created a family environment, and a safe haven for all of us, even down to pre-game meals when he makes it a priority that we all sit and eat one meal together. So, with all that being said, I present to you a short but genuine set of interview questions, that  provide a closer look into who and what makes Rodney DuBose who he is.

Question 1: What is your name?

Answer 1:Rodney DuBose

Question 2: What made you want to be a coach?

Answer 2: “There’s coaches in my life who helped me growing up in the inner city” between basketball coaches and other high school coaches his eyes were opened to the opportunities that lied within the game, and it also allowed him a platform to connect with kids. DuBose notes that he does not do the job based on financial benefits rather, because it is fulfilling.

Question 3: What was you’re life like growing up?

Answer 3: Growing up in Bridgeport, Connecticut with a single mom and brother, coaches father was at times inactive in his life. However, he still believes strongly that he had a blessed childhood (and who are we to argue when he is a living testament of his mothers substantial parenting skills). His parents (father included) stressed the importance of core values and hard work . Even though they were poor he wasn’t aware of it, family was all that mattered, and its what kept them safe from the negative aspects of life.

Question 4: If you were not a coach, what would you be?

Answer 4: “There was a time in my life when I thought I would go into business, that was my initial goal. I think it would be something where I would be helping others, I am not finacially driven ( I think at this point in my life I probably should be but I’m not). So it might have been something where I stayed in the medical field, still helping and serving people that way”

Question 5: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Answer 5:”My mother, she is everything to me. She taught me everything, how to be a man, how to treat my wife and how to raise my kids. She was a great role model, in spite of every situation she always did the right thing.”

Question 6: How long have you been married?

Answer 6: “I’ve been married for 27 years, we’ve been together for 31.”

Finally, I would like to say thank you Coach for always being available both as a teacher and father figure.