The Full Blooded Wolverine

Dasia Mask, Columnist

Over the course of the next few months, I would like to bring special attention to some of the many hard working seniors we have at Westside. While I cant highlight every single one (because after all there is 300+ of us) I hope that me putting the spotlight on our peers allows you to know that the effort and dedication you all put in is seen and heard. The first senior in the series is Elise Carter, an individual I’ve had the pleasure of getting to witness bloom since middle school. She not only walked the halls of Westside for four years, but she made it a point to leave her mark by dabbling in various activities and extracurriculars. Many know her as the outspoken one, but you’ll understand now why and what makes her so confident and sure of herself upon indulging in this article. After all she is a full blooded wolverine.

Question 1: What is your name?

Answer 1:  Elise Carter

Question 2: What makes you a full blooded wolverine?

Answer 2: “I have been attending WHS for 4 years. I have participated in track, dance, SGA, NHS, and I Am a Star mentorship programs. I am always here, putting in extra hours to find new ways to make WHS a better school for others and for myself.”

Question 3: What are your post secondary plans?

Answer 3:  “After high school, I plan on attending an HBCU to study pre-law and business. Upon completion of under grad school, I will attend a grad school to obtain my law degree, and move on to practice child and family law. I aspire to open my own law firm and then later pursue a   degree in cosmetology. ”

Question 4: What sports do you play and what made you continue to play them through high school?

Answer 4: “As stated previously I run track, and I danced for three years, as a senior I have also become a manager for both the football and basketball team. What made me continue to do these sports throughout high school was the sense of family that came with them. It gave me the opportunity to establish bonds and create life long friendships with people I may have otherwise never met.”

Question 5: Who or what is your biggest motivation?

Answer 5:”My biggest motivation is my little sister Kendall, I look for new ways to be better for her everyday; in hopes that one day she’ll grow up and say she aspires to be like me.”

Question 6:What is your favorite memory from high school?

Answer 6: “I cant choose just one favorite memory so, I will share two. The first one would be when I was truly going through a rough patch during football season. During this time the team lifted my spirits and showcased the love they really do have for me. The second memory occurred during my time on the dance team at a winter concert rehearsal. I had fell down the stairs and the whole team burst out laughing, and ever since then I can never erase that day.”