No tea. No shade. No pink lemonade

Lailani Clark

Hey yall it’s Lailani,

I’m writing this because I just need to vent, chile. When I first came to Westside, I was in, what I thought was, a wonderful relationship. Turns out it was fake and so was my ex.  I guess he got really comfortable with saying disrespectful things to me, which in a way I allowed because I never checked him on it. I was blinded by “love”. But anyways. I’m not here to put all my business out there but to just say that I’ve realized while you’re in high school you don’t HAVE to be in a little cute Instagram relationship to be happy. You can be single and still mingle without committing. We need to normalize that without there being such a negative connotation with it. Go have fun (safely) and live your best life, and settle down when YOU’RE ready. Not when others say you need to; cause no tea, no shade,  no pink lemonade, the people who try to make you do feel bad for not being in a relationship or for just doing you, are miserable. But that’s all imma say for now. Join me next week for some more relationship talk.

Much love,