No tea. No shade. No Pink Lemonade. 2


Hey, y’all it’s Lailani,

So this week’s topic is moving forward. I know a lot of us are known to hold grudges. Some longer than others. But not only do we hold grudges we also hold on to hurt from previous relationships. When you hold on to hurt from a previous relationship or various relationships it hinders you from being able to grow as an individual. It can also affect a new relationship that you are trying to build with someone new. Always remember, don’t make the new person pay for other people’s mistakes; because it’s not fair to them. Give your new partner the benefit of the doubt until they give you reason not to. I’m not saying to let your guard down, I’m saying to not be so hard on your new partner. Also, don’t jump into a relationship if you haven’t fully healed from the one prior. It’s okay to be alone. Sometimes being alone can provide the best clarity in the world.  Because no tea, no shade, no pink lemonade, a lot of our generation is scared of being alone. We need to get better and that only comes with time. So that’s all I got for this week.

Much love, Lailani