Adive from a senior to underclassmen

Naviya Butler, Journalist

Hey y’all Its Naviya and I would like to give you all some advice before I graduate. To all juniors and even sophomores , work at your own pace don’t let all one tell you that you are behind because you already know that for yourself. This goes for in school and real life when you graduate you wanna make sure your not 20 still living with your parents start planning now. Where do you wanna live ?Is your job going to support you? You want to live a simple life ? Or do you want a lavish condo? I wish someone told me this but if you plan on going to college start applying now don’t wait until your senior year to figure out what you want your future to be. It is so many options and career paths to choose one. Pick on change pick on again . You can never have too many careers , that’s like saying you have to much money my Biggest piece of advice its to just think ahead so you are never left behind.