No tea. No shade. No pink lemonade. 6

Lailani Clark

Hey y’all,

So this week has been very strange for me because I’ve been absent a lot but anyways. This week we will be talking about love languages. Your love language is how you show love to people in general. Correctly identifying your love language is very important because it allows you to be able to tell other people (specifically your partner) how you show love. My love language is weird, to be honest; I don’t like to be touched all the time and I show my love through little actions that mean a lot. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t like to be touched at all, I’m just not the clingy type. Like I don’t like when I can’t have my space in a relationship. But some people love being touched and they like when someone is all up under them. And that is their specific love language. There is no ‘normal’ way to love someone, so many love languages are different. However you show love is perfectly fine; cause no tea, no shade, no pink lemonade if we all acted the exact same way then the world would be very boring. So love how you see fit, but love as hard as you can. See you all next week.

Sending you love,