Class of 2021

Rabegaelle Pierre

Bernice Green, Cady Studios

Whoever said the ending of high school would be worth living for – no one that’s just something you figure out by yourself.

The seniors at Westside high school Graduated June 7th at 6:30pm trials and tribulations were faced with whether or not they would be graduating that day due to unexpected but expected rain. This is where the next chapter of a couple people lives began this is a start to a new chapter but getting here wasn’t easy so I’ll give a couple pointers

  1.  Focus on your grades and school work senior year will thank you for it (And a half day schedule)

2. Realizing that Losing friends you never thought you’d lose is part of growing up (they were only subtracting not adding)

3. Fitting in won’t get you anywhere and I mean anywhere vibe by yourself for a bit to find you

4. Test early if you want to get into that college go ahead and keep on testing but don’t let it define you your still incredibly smart

5. They’re gonna hate you before they love you (that’s high school and if they still hate you, you were always pressure and with pressure diamonds are formed)

6. Go after your dreams

7. Except then accept failure

8. You only get to do this once so wild out respectfully


I am an inspiration I am the future and to whoever reads this you are too


I would personally love to say I graduated in the class of 2021 your editor your Miss Westside signing off…… but I’ll be back when it’s time