Rich Like Richardson

Kendall Fisher, reporter

Q: What made you want to work with kids

A: I’ve always liked working with younger people just because I like the ability to mentor and help kids who might be going in the wrong direction , turn around and motivate them and empower them.

Q:  What motivates you everyday to keep going?

A: That mortgage (laughs) , that’s honestly a very small part of it but the other piece is when you have those moments to where you said something that impacted someone I  like to sit and reflect on those moments to know somebody needs me because I love our kids.

Q: What are some of your finest moments?

A: I like when the news came out and interviewed me about the young man who got shot and turned his life around and went to college , and last year when I was featured with Buddy and Michael and helped them get into the  Culinary field but it would top it off with me changing someone’s life for the better.

Q: What is a famous quote you go by?

A: “Children live what they learn”, and “Every child needs a champion.”