Dreadlocks vs. Weave


I interviewed the following people to inform those who don’t know about dreadlocks at all or know little information about them…

Name: Gregory (Gee) Crandell

Q: How long have you been growing your dreads?

A: I started my dreads in 6th grade

Q: What made you want to grow dreads?

A:  I live in Florida, I’m a Florida boy so that’s a big influence.

“My dreads have been with me through a lot so I wouldn’t wanna cut my dreads because I’ve been growing them for a long time.”


Next is a student with weave …

Name: Jayla Worthen

Q: Do you like wearing weave like different weave styles?

A: Not really it was just something for the first day of school

Q: Do you know what sets dreads different from weave?

A: No I know dreads are real hair and weave is fake hair

Q: Would you ever consider getting dreads

A: yes I  would.