Looking Through The Writer’s Eyes!

Lensey Pierre , Writer

We all know me for writing good articles and stories on here, but do you guys know the basics about me?

From my favorite color, foods, and more along the lines?

Well lets have a nice introduction shall we?

I’m Lensey Pierre your writer and editor here on Westside Voice. I am 15 years old born on June 10th 2006. Yes that makes me a Gemini!

A lot of my classmates come to me for help in Algebra or In English or maybe for a topic on their post. I don’t mind helping them out either.

A hobby of mine would have to be Reading. I love reading books with a passion, but it has to be something that interests me. A well known hobby I’m known for is making video edits. I’ve actually do edits for some students here at Westside high.

If you would like to see my edits I wouldn’t mind showing you guys video, just ask me 🙂

Here’s a picture of me! Also follow me on ig @Lenseyis0ffline