The Use of Force Against Botham Jean


Rico Lewis

On September 6th, 2018, a 26-year-old accountant named Botham Jean was resting on his couch while eating and watching television. While relaxing in his apartment, an off-duty officer named Amber Guyger entered the apartment which she believed was her apartment. Jean tried to explain to her that she was mistaken, yet, Guyger believed he was a burglar, in response, Jean was brutally and fatally shot by Guyger in his apartment.

The use of force that was necessary for this situation was verbal commands and calm communication, but Guyer did not allow Jean to reason with her, she went straight to deadly force. Even if she did not follow the justified solution completely, she could have at least calmly restrained him until he was able to explain that she walked into his apartment. Guyger knew of the power she held, as a gun could scare anyone nevertheless an innocent man resting in his home.

However, due to her irresponsibility and emotions, she murdered Botham Jean in his own home. As for her sentencing and case, the case is closed, as her verdict in trial was guilty of murder. She was sentenced 10 years in prison.