Haitian Migrants in Texas

Lensey Pierre , Writer & Editor

Today I interviewed my sister on what’s going on in the Texas.

Me: So what was happening in Texas?

Her: Mass Haitians from South America migrated to the US boarder with hopes that they can seek Asylum in the United states. Due to so many people coming at once; the Texas boarder controls used force to stop them such as letting down the river and police officers on horses used whips to beat the people. The 15,000 or so people were under the Del Rio bridge for at least 5 days until they started to get deported back to Haiti and were let in the US for 60 days to appear in front of the judge who decides if they stay or return home.

Me: You were in Texas to help out. How was your experience?

Her: My experience was the same as many people. It was a sad experience unfortunately. Listening to the stories of what people had to go through and when they get here, the government turns around and send them back to Haiti; a country that’s not suitable to receive these people. Many of them left Haiti years ago and they now have to go back not even having a home to stay in. We were able to help people enter the US and reach their families. We provided translation, service, flight services, as well as how to seek legals before their hearing.

Me: Thank you for the information it was really helpful in spreading awareness.

Her: No problem!