What If: Life Without Humans

Rico Lewis

We have made our mark on Earth, a mark that now affects everything, to living organisms to our own creations. So, to suddenly disappear would be devastating for the remaining living animals and environment.

After the sudden disappearance of humans, within hours, days, months, and years, remaining animals  will endure painful and stressful changes in their lifestyles. Our own machines and creations will begin to harm all living creatures, to aquatic to land animals. The large bodies of water; rivers and lakes, are poisoned by our waste, the atmosphere is toxic to the point where acid rain is a common occurrence, and fires will wiping out thousands of ecosystems around the globe daily.

This era contains the most deaths among living organisms, yet the animals slowly but surely start to adapt to their new and dangerous environments. Eventually, the animals will for the most part, be used to our missing existence. As time goes on, the atmosphere will be cleared out and animals can thrive again.

Near the end of this era, animals would have changed tremendously for the better. Evolution would improve the lives of these living creatures. All of our creations will be mostly taken over by nature, and living organisms will thrive better than ever, after hundreds of years, it would seem like we were never there in the first place.