Catching Senioritis

Elyssa Brown

Any senior will tell you that these years went by fast and were nothing they expected it to be. We will also tell you that sometimes it is challenging to want to keep going when you only have so little to do. Many seniors have already met their credit requirements and only have a few left to obtain.
This is when it becomes exceptionally difficult to attend school everyday. Personally my experience was difficult with Senioritis. I was coming to school just to sleep in my car. It began because I went through a breakup, but it really took a toll on me physically and mentally. I was missing college and AICE classes, I came back because I knew I needed to get myself together. I still struggle with the urge to leave everyday.
I asked some seniors how they felt about Senioritis. There were few who haven’t experienced it or aren’t aware of what it is. “I’ve always been uninterested in school, I just come because I need my GPA to go up, not down.” – Jaimen K.
Some seniors even explained that their Senioritis began before senior year. “I experienced it early in my junior year… I was getting away with [my senior friends]. It messed up my grades really bad.” – Dakota S.
Jacinda M. mentioned “Senioritis is very much a real thing. I’ve had Senioritis since my freshman year, I skipped class everyday. I failed classes and had to do a lot of grade recovery. [Nowadays] were walking out of school and we have some sort of transportation. It’s even more difficult to stay when you have a car readily available.”
Many seniors feel as if we just want to finish it out because we’ve already been doing this our whole life. It’s almost over.
Lana M. said “I still have it, I really don’t care about school right now but the only thing really keeping me here is because it’s almost done. Diploma, then boom, out.”
Jaimen K. mentioned “If you take any activity and study it for 10+ years you would’ve almost or completely mastered it. In school the same information is spat out over and over again and it seems the only subject that truly differs is math, which I have no interest in.”
As you can tell Senioritis is very real and those who have experienced it went through a really hard time. The battle between heart and mind is difficult, especially when it comes to your future. We’re not exactly sure how to rid anyone of Senioritis, but we do know that we have to keep it pushing. In all reality we’re almost done and we don’t have to continue school after this, so why not just keep going, there’s a few months left just get it over with. Becoming an adult comes with doing things you don’t want to do. You have to go to work to make money, even when you don’t want to, someone has to pay the bills. So why not go to school and get that diploma. You’ll earn more opportunities and have the satisfaction of saying “I made it, I did this for me”