Back in Class

Carolina Ford

As students make their way back to their classrooms, getting back in the swing of things, their have been some things that have thrown them off coming back to school. The main one being how the school’s staff has been handling the usage of hoodies on school grounds. The school’s admin and staff have been looking out for kids in their hoodies, or any jacket with hood (Pullover or zip-up) and making them take them off or just straight up taking them from students, making them get their hoodies at the end of the day.

This, to put it mildly, has been fairly hectic for the students as it is the colder months of the year and students are trying to combat the cold, only to come to school and get their jackets taken and having their classes interrupted by staff as they barge in and stop class to make kids take off their jackets.

They allow for students to wear them outside of the school but not in the building, though some of the classes are cold as well, leaving them cold in the classroom. I think that this is very unnecessary, the school’s reasoning being that it helps with safety (people walking in who shouldn’t and hindering identification over camera footage) and paying attention in class, but I believe that busting into classrooms in order to take students’ belongings hinders on learning and the requirement of ID’s upon entering the building and walking kids to get their ID replacements helps with people not walking on campus. Now about the camera footage, in case something happens, we can still identify students as we can still see the hoodie that they wear, making it easier to ID them and we can account for who wears hoodies like that, narrowing it down in the case of people who may be responsible for something that happens in the school.