Legend of Zelda: Comfort of Community

Carolina Ford

Over 36 years of beautiful, heart-warming games, over the span of 27 main releases, The Legend of Zelda (TLOZ) has been a game franchise that has captured the hearts of many of its players. From the stories to the combat to the general nostalgia that comes from playing one of these, TLOZ has been one of my top game franchises for all the reasons stated, but also for one reason that I feel people don’t think about as much. I believe that the reason people love TLOZ as an RPG for the genuine thought put into the world-building, specifically the villages, towns and citizens that you can find through the land of Hyrule.

The usage of villages in TLOZ is something that, I believe, made me fall in love with this series as a whole. In TLOZ, there are different villages and towns throughout the world of Hyrule, giving places you go their own sense for community and makes the world feel like a real place with different people with different cultures. Exploring these places can help players feel more like  they are in these worlds and communities.

I believe that the best examples of this is the town of Gerudo and Kakariko Village. These are the most lore heavy villages in most of the games and it adds layers to a game series that already has so much to love. In the town of Gerudo, there are many stories from many people and it helps you learn so much about their culture, the most prevalent being how there are no men allowed in the village. The Gerudo, an all female race in the series, don’t allow men in their village as a way to encourage their youth to travel around the world ‘in search of a husband’ but really to allow them to learn about the world with their own perspective.