Classroom Fallout

Carolina Ford

In class today, students were causing an uproar as they went on about how we are lacking in our education. This seems to be an opinion that many kids hold and its perfectly reasonable. Here at Westside, we are lacking teachers and there seems to be no end to this. Students are walking out of class, not doing work as they don’t even know what to do because they weren’t being taught how to do it.

Students are getting so upset about this mess, its to the point where this boy in my class went on a whole rant and spoke about how this set up for us is going to make us fail as it seems the school is paying more attention to IDs and hoodies than getting good teachers for its students.

I believe that we should just work online and have people from the district teach the classes in their departments. If we go back to online, we can have larger classes allowing for more students to be taught at a time and we can have a person teaching the class who may actually know what they are talking about.