Preparing For The Worst

Dominic Watson

The UK will be providing Ukraine with more military support, including defensive weapons, according to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“In light of the increasingly threatening behavior from Russia and in line with our previous support, the UK will shortly be providing a further package of military support to Ukraine. This will include lethal aid in the form of defensive weapons and non-lethal aid,” Johnson told lawmakers in UK parliament.

Johnson also stated that financial sanctions imposed by the UK will stop Russia “from raising sovereign debt” and will also stop Russian companies from “clearing in sterling and dollars on international markets.”  But the UK isn’t the only one sanctioning Russia. America has also sanctioned Russia.

Also the UK  said it is set to sanction members of the Russian parliament who voted for recognizing the independence of two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine. Those sanctions are in addition to an earlier raft of measures against five Russian banks and three wealthy individuals announced by the British Prime Minister. Russia has called the sanctions “illegal.” The breakaway regions spoke of are breakaway because of Russian supported separatist.

Information is from a CNN report on the matter of the UK sanctions.