A Track Meet on a Tuesday

Ky'Nilah Farmer , A Track Meet on a Tuesday

Yesterday, March 29,2022 Westside had once again another track meet. We went against EWHS, Riverside, and Baldwin. For the most part we did really well but, everything went down hill from there. I competed in the Throwers 4 by 1 and the 200m race. In the 4 by 1 I got 1st place. In the 200m race I got 3rd place. The regular 4 by 1 did good but, supposedly when it came to the 4th leg some people were mad I guess. The coaches handled  the situation well I guess and everything should be good. I think those girls are gonna be friends again but, who knows that may not. Everyone did well on Tuesday so lets see how this track meet on Thursday goes. Until next time.