Is Gen Z too sensitive?

Eternity Kador aka ET

Oh Gen Z, are they too sensitive?  Well, some people might disagree, as for me, I agree. Gen Z is very sensitive, they defend everyone, including ones that do not deserve it. Gen Z has a  serious  problem, where they feel the need to take up for everyone or fight in a battle that is not theirs. They get upset when someone doesn’t have the same views as them. For example: If I  said that “I don’t support LGBTQ because of religious beliefs”; here would be a plethora of people trying to  see why I think this way, or try to convince me otherwise, telling I’m wrong or calling me homophobic. Even though I only stated what I believe in, (the example is not my belief), it is unfair to others, to have their beliefs demolished, because of a disagreement. There should be a health space where everyone can express their beliefs. In the same breath, I understand why Gen Z is so sensitive, they were raised by emotionally unavailable parents, which in turn can make over emotional children. Where parents lack, children try their best to make up for it, and without  parent supervision and guidance children can end up making up too much in areas of emotional development that it becomes unhealthy.

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