What is Depression? Why don’t people take it serious, until someone dies?

What is depression? A lot, of people, don’t take it seriously and it’s becoming a problem. There’s a big account of teens with depression about 4.4% according to the CDC, and for you to get the bigger picture that is about 2.7 million kids, which is 1 in 3 children. Why don’t people take depression seriously? That is a question that needs to be answered. So many people struggle with depression, and so many go without being acknowledged or cared for. Till someone takes their life, people start to take them seriously and start to say they never noticed. As, a person that struggled with depression, I was lucky to have a huge support system. I have seen friends that were not as lucky, and because of the hostile environment, caused their mental state to tank down even more. I have been in a total of 7 mental health facilities, and each one was no better than the last one. The facilities treat the patients as if they are crazy, the methods are very insane and dehumanizing for us. One kid, let’s call him “James,” was freaking out about the medicine, he was in for aggressive behavior and violent acts towards family. When James acted out ( for example, he would yell at random times), the workers would pile on him, and give him a tranquilizer that can put down a horse. He would be out for days, weeks, even months on end. I was in for suicidal thoughts and attempts, and one of the female patients pounced on me and beat me up. The doctors and workers did not allow me to call my mom even though they were supposed to immediately notify her. I called my mother with tears in my eyes, she then pressed charges. There is no safe space for depressed people, the mental health hospitals are not very helpful they do very inhumane practices, like electric therapy. A lot of family members neglect the person’s struggle or they may not even notice the signs, even the happiest people can suffer from depression. Now, why do some people not take depression seriously, one major thing is generational differences. Gen X to Gen Y was not vocal about depression they are seen as taboo. So how are they going to be able to understand the struggle of emotional imbalance and being overwhelmed? They may never be able to understand but I feel like, as a community, we should learn how to vocalize these things to may not only save our own lives but the peers around us as well.

Until I write again, from Eternity to Beyond!