The Pros and Cons of Uniforms

adrianna hillmon

All across America schools are now starting to enforce uniforms, here at westside uniforms where first fully enforced last school year, westside among many schools in Florida are now enforcing uniforms but, what are some pros and cons of uniforms and are they worth enforcing  in the first place. Some pros of uniforms would for starters the  most argued topic is breaking barriers, when wearing uniforms it can prevent students from being bullied or picked on for being less fortunate, often students who don’t have the nicest clothes and shoes are picked on for having less than other students, uniforms can help prevent that if everyone is wearing the same thing. Although, it can be argued that students find other ways to have that divide with shoes, jewelry, hair styles, jackets and other accessories that can be worn on the uniform. When you have a dress code like westside for example there uniform policy isn’t very strict at all, so even with uniforms it isn’t  hard to tell which students are more unfortune than others, I know from a perspective of am African American student protective styles like braids, natural styles, wigs weaves etc. are often used as a way to tell which students  have more than others because, these styles can get pricey if you don’t know how to do your hair. Some girls are picked on  because they can’t afford these styles. Shoes and accessories on the other hand are a general thing and can definitely be used as a way to divide students by class but, uniforms still have a few more pros.

Another pro would be safety when all student are wearing similar clothes, and things like hoodies and hats are banned, not only is it easy to tell who those people are, its easy to tell who looks out of place. If you have on a uniform people who are out of place and look like they shouldn’t be here can be easily spotted and pointed out, also hats and hoodies can prevent faces from being seen and can be used to hide things that can harm others .  Some cons would be self expression, when people are allowed to wear what they want not only do they feel more comfortable  in themselves they feel like they can express themselves the way they want which can obviously make people happy more confident and even motivation to go to school. Another con would be school uniforms do not improve academic performance, students wearing uniforms will not improve there attendance or academic performance there are no studies that suggest that this is true. If anything uniforms would do the exact opposite when students  are forced to come to school everyday where they are forced to hide themselves and who they really are, they will be more likely to skip class or not come to school who wants to come to a place where no one is allowed to express themselves, clothes are a big part of some ones personality and, school is where we spend most of our child hood. It can also be argued that uniforms do nothing to prevent bullying because, students are bullied for more than just clothes, people are also bullied based off their looks, personalities, how they talk, and social status. These are all things that students in westside and every other school can and do get bullied for uniforms are not a and will never be a good way to prevent bullying. I have stated some pros and cons of uniforms, I hope that I have given you I different perspective when it comes to uniforms as a whole rather you think they are harmful or not.