Westside’s Faults : How It Is Unfair to Neurodivergent People.

Westsides Faults : How It Is Unfair to Neurodivergent People.

Is Westside safe for Neurodivergent people, from my point of view I would have to say no. A lot of my friends who are neurodivergent have complained to the administration and other people in power and nothing has changed. Lots of neurodivergent people are overlooked in school. Even though there is a big number of teens that do have some sort of neurodivergence, whether it is autism, ADHD, ADD, etc. I have seen my friends be ignored, bullied, and left to fight for themselves. The administration is constantly on the watch for headphones, there is a problem with that because some neurodivergent have very sensitive hearing, so if you take their headphones away you can send them into a panic attack. Which in some cases can be seen as discrimination, which could lead to a lawsuit.

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