westside pep rally

Westside will be holding a Pep rally on Friday, September 15. Well supposedly, they have canceled it around 3 times not sure if they will truly have it this Friday but, they claim they will. A pep rally as you know is for the football team’s home game, But the conditions are what I’m here to talk about especially. The conditions are if you have more than 3 tardies this week, starting Monday, September 12, you cannot attend. This is a way to make students more motivated to attend class, although I don’t think its entirely fair because the hallways are filled to the brim every time we change classes and it can be difficult for students to get to class on time if their classes are on the opposite side of where they are coming from especially when they have to stop by the bathroom. And depending on the time of day and the class you are going to going to the bathroom can be like pulling teeth. How do you feel about this pep rally and the conditions? But on the bright side students will get to be out of uniform this Friday, we are allowed to wear a westside spirit shirt and jeans.