Westside Pep Rally Update

adrianna hillmon

The pep rally was terrible it was extremally unorganized and weather was not accounted for. Not only was it passed due, they threatened us with not having a pep rally again if we acted up, and  you couldn’t have more than 3 tardies that week to even go. All to be presented with an unorganized mess, Not that anyone is really upset it was the expectation for anyone who isn’t new to westside, but why do the most and over hype it just to give something below average. Its kinda pointless no one is going to care rather or not we have one now, the people that weren’t allowed to go or just chose not to didn’t miss anything. We sat there for like 30 minutes straight doing nothing they didn’t even call all the football players out, they did like  three than gave up when the whole point of the pep rally was for the football game later that day, not that anyone cared much they lost like we knew they where, but the majorette  and the cheerleaders where unorganized as well, not the dance itself but the timing like I said we sat there for 30 minutes. And everyone on the field was doing there own thing. The best part about it would have to be the band and the cheerleaders. It was raining not that they can control it but we live in Florida rain is always to be accounted for even when the forecast says other wise. How did you all feel about the pep rally?