Westside High School Hoodie Ban

adrianna hillmon

Westside has officially banned all hoodies or have tried to.  Westside has been stressing us to not where any jackets with hoods at all for the past two weeks, they have warned us in the pass but didn’t really enforce it but now, there actively trying to. The issue is they are doing what they do with all things, half enforcing it than expecting people to follow. Westside does a terrible job with enforcing rules in general, and the problem that I have with this rule is that its simply unreasonable, some people cant afford to buy new jackets and the jackets they provide are extremally expensive, they are like 40 dollars.  Not everyone has 40 dollars to  spend on a jacket. What are the students that have no money to buy a completely new jacket supposed to do exactly, be cold, and there is also the fact that I stated before no one is willing to enforce the rules but a few administration, the security guards do it loosely, most teachers don’t at all expect for actually have the hood part on, and some admirations pick and choose which day to have a problem with it. I think its simply unreasonable to expect a rule to be followed that you wont enforce.