For years I have been put into a mold. I’m too tall, I’m acting too masculine, I’m too much. How many times have I been told to “close my legs, sit like a young lady, stop talking like that, looking like that, act correctly, that’s not very ladylike.” I have obeyed every rule and listen to every word, but none seemed to stick. My name is ET. That is my alias, for writing and everyday life, and I am a masculine woman. I am 5’10, I wear size 11, and I’m a African American woman. Now you are probably thinking “why is this information important?”  I am painting a picture for you, I dress in majority baggy clothing, I rarely wear clothing that is shape fitting. I in fact have been mistaken for a boy a couple of times in my life.  I even have been told I’m not feminine enough, by boys and even grown men. Any time I have show any emotion other than happiness, I suddenly have issues and problems. I walk away to avoid getting mad and from blowing up. Every single day, I have to prove that I am capable of being feminine and showing my womanly nature. Even though I do all of that it is not enough. It is not enough for someone to love me.