New Florida ban on trans youth

Adrianna Hillmon

As of March 6 2023, Florida has passed a bill that will officially ban trans youth from receiving gender-affirming care. This bill will prevent doctors form performing any form of gender affirming care to minors in the state of Florida, this includes things like puberty blockers. This bill also prevents universities, local governments, and other agencies from using public dollars to to cover such treatments for anyone in Florida. This bill will sky rocket suicide rates for trans youth in Florida, gender affirming care is a life-changing surgery and helps people to feel more secure and comfortable in themselves, this ban is a direct attack on the trans community and they will not stop here, I will remind you of a previous bill passed in Florida that bans abortion in Florida after 6 weeks, with an exemption of incest  and rape for up to 15 weeks, this is before most women even know they are pregnant. This is a direct plummet into fascism, and Florida is not the only state to do this, many other states have similar laws, and I find it quite funny how they are restricting women and trans youth but school shootings are at a all time high and no one is rushing to restrict the purchasing if guns, when it has been proven that a great deal of school shooters are buying guns legally. A private Christian school in Nashville became a victim of school shootings on March 27 2023  three 9 year olds and 3 teachers where killed in this shooting. Two of the 3 guns she had where purchased legally. Children in America are being killed at a all time high yet law makers are to worried and lgbtq youth and books to care.