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Should boys wear the brand Pink

Destiny Mosses

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On social media boys are starting to wear the brand Pink from Victoria’s secret . The brand is made exclusively for girls hints the name and it sells lingerie. In portable 8, 13 people said that boys should not wear Pink “Pink is originally made for the female kind and the apparel is too feminine.” said David White. 7 other people got polled as well saying boys should wear the brand Pink.” Some boykos can pull it off.” said Chantell Pearson. “Girls wear Polo so girls can wear Pink” said Gianni Khoury.

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2 Responses to “Should boys wear the brand Pink”

  1. Jeselle Mangune on February 17th, 2016 12:54 pm

    It does seem odd for boys to wear the brand Pink at first. But if you really think about it, some boys do pull it off. Girls pull off wearing guys shirts and hoodies, and guys already wear the color pink. It’s up the person whether or not to wear “PINK”. It’s their choice of style, if they want to, let them be.


  2. Jeremyah Jackson on February 22nd, 2016 8:30 am

    Well I honestly don’t wear “PINK” but I’ve seen other guys wear it. People say that it’s comfortable but the style and design just doesn’t scream my name. Sooner or later boys are gonna start wearing the brand.


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Should boys wear the brand Pink