2018-2019 Staff

Mia McKeever

Sophomore. Dancer at Dynamics Dance studio. Varied interests, but primarily focused on games, TV shows, animation/anime, webcomics, and online novels. Procrastinating overachiever.   Instagram: @mimi_sugardust  

Chyna Anderson

Hi, my name is Chyna Anderson. I am a Lead Reporter. I am excited to write new stories! I mainly write opinion and research articles. My primary focus is to bring light to the issues teenagers are dealing with. I enjoy writing...

Khamari Oruamabo

Hello, I am Khamari Oruamabo. I am a copy editor. I look forward to fixing up Westside Voice, and making it a better site.


10th Grade From Virginia I wear glasses, swim, am in drama club, and try to be the best that I can be in everything.


 -11th grade Junior -love life,live it to the fullest -athletic life 🏐⚽🏈 -spring baby april 6th  🌺🌴🌸  ...

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