If i were to design an app i would make one that can help you connect with foreign people without google translate it automatically translate as you speak and it got a time stamp which show you the time in their Countries

Also for families to reconnect especcially who are seperated and it will be secure and no goverment spying..

If i were to get married i would have a boy and a girl. The boy name sam or fadel my grandfather name and for a girl Lesklorita or losita or sandra or kamar.

My dream job is to be an Audiologist.

I have been outside Syria for seven years and i lived through 3 years of the war.

I never knew my grandfather Fadel and have 1-2 memory of My grandmother.Once my dad broke his back and he got up just to hug her and not make her feel sad she never even knew.The second she was trying to walk on her own, and the rest are just her lying down on the bed not being able to walk alone.

I have a twin named Roni we always fight. But when there is any of us in trouble the other get involved. Like we used to stand up for our brother Fadi. People tried to take advantage of him and steal his work cause they know he is aganist violence and won't hit back.

I love my parent and grandparent they take priority in my life.



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