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Hello, my name is Reynaldo and I am a new editor for 3rd period.



I was given the badge to be the grammar police, but to do this I was told to write in this box due to me being on the site editing people's articles; because you definitely will read this.



I love writing books and I'm a author of three books. I'm a Vegetarian and I love animals. :)

Jada Webb


Hi! My name is Jada Webb and i'm a freshmen at Westside High School. I'm a military child and an older sister. I was born in Georgia. If you have any ideas on what I should talk about let me know.😝😚



 -11th grade Junior -love life,live it to the fullest -athletic life 🏐⚽🏈 -spring baby april 6th  🌺🌴🌸  ...


Web Design

10th Grade From Virginia I wear glasses, swim, am in drama club, and try to be the best that I can be in everything.

Rowan Aboeid


Rowan.A If i were to design an app i would make one that can help you connect with foreign people without google translate it automatically translate as you speak and it got a time stamp which show you the time in their Countries Also...

Q and A On how people feel about school

Cortne Sampson

Q:What makes you excited about school? A:Lunch, Gym Q:Why is it that you have a good time in school? A:Friends Q:Do people like you? A:Yes people like me Q:Do people treat you right with kindness and respect? A:Yes...

Rowan Aboeid


I am Syrian. Straight A student since the first grade. I've been in America for four years, I learned english in two. I speak arabic. I used to play basketball and the drums in Syria . I'm going back to Syria this...

Dorian Miller


Hello there. I'm an over the top drama-major-in-training trying my hand in journalism.

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