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Social media is a great platform where people can socialize, promote their business, influence others, and even work. Social media platforms are huge with many advantages, but it also has it’s disadvantages.

What do people think about social media?

Andreily Collado is a 17-year-old teenage girl, and like most teenagers, she is active on social media and likes it. But she is also aware of the dangerous side of social media.

She thinks that social media is a source that can change the world in a good way if the people use it correctly. With this more than clear, on this platform, people can meet others even from other countries and travel the world through a screen! But also through social media, people can use it to hurt others and communicate a wrong message to the world, making it worse.

Andreily believes that the world would be better without social media, just because it’s used in the wrong way.

“If social media were really used in the right way the answer would be a big “NO!” But right now I think that the world would be a better place without social media, because thanks to it people are more vulnerable to things as cyber bullying, and the dangers of the real world, because all our life we make nearly everything public to people that we don’t know. Also the fame can be a huge necessity for some people and they can do anything to get it, even if it is in the wrong way.” Andreily said.

As stated before, she as a teenager, is active in the social media, but also she has her precautions, because she knows the risks. All her accounts are private and she only adds people that she knows, such as her family and friends. Any of her personal information is not visible to the public and she never shares her location until she’s out of the place.

For her social media affects people in an incredible way, “people change through social media and many of them do anything for a simple ‘like’, everyone wants to go viral, and they use this platform more for entertainment than as an informative medium, social media has so many benefits, but people prefer to use this advantage to share a ‘meme.’ She said.

Andreily thinks that we can improve the use of the social media in one way: “If we use it more to inform ourselves about things that are happening in the world and to raise awareness in order to turn the world into a better place, it would be incredible that a man’s invention that does not feed us or give us any physical benefit could help us so much with just informing us, I think the world would be grateful if we took a moment to appreciate what happens around us, I think that this would be the correct use of social media.” She finally said.

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  1. Chyna Anderson on March 1st, 2019 7:34 am

    I definitely agree

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