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Seniors College Applications

kaylin hayes

October 20, 2017

Filed under Listen Up, Student Life/Teen Issues

Seniors have you done college applications YET???? Sharnae ; Yes I have but I can't use them because they aren't on my FAFSA application. Tayler ; I'm not going to college because I'm going to a two year institute to be a ...

Halloween Hustle

October 18, 2017

Filed under Showcase, Student Life/Teen Issues, Student spotlight

Ninth grader Sylvia Gray works at the new Haunted Spanish Trail , located on Beaver Street. She's one of the best themed makeup artist there, her manager said. Though "Bloody Mary" is easy, her favorite theme is zombies. She also...

Freshmen Speak Frankly

October 9, 2017

Filed under Student Life/Teen Issues

Malik Fields and  Brittnay Davis Q: How is high school different from middle school? (Malik)A: “A lot more people and it’s a bigger school”. (Brittnay) A: “The classes are harder” Q: What is your favorite class about this year? (Malik)A: “Gym, bec...

Comedy: “What had happened was,” by Sebastian Lee

Bash (Sebastian)

October 9, 2017

Filed under comedy, Student Life/Teen Issues

I remember the day, as if it was two days ago, maybe because it was. But let me explain how I was falsely accused of skipping when I was just trying to get some exercise. Well, it was a beautiful day to play a little basketball,...

Senior’s Reminisce

October 3, 2017

Filed under Student Life/Teen Issues

Westside Voice would like to give seniors the time to reminisce and also  look into their future, if you would like to be interviewed contact us at 1608 .... Jakeria Todd Q: Which senior activities will you attend?which...

Westside Students every day jobs!

Trinety Williams and Nikeria Newberry

September 25, 2017

Filed under Student Life/Teen Issues, The Struggle Is Real

Traven- sonic : "lots of teens , I like it just very busy . I work at the one on 103rd and we make the most money than the other Florida finances." Jahleal- Firehouse Subs-" Its not that busy , I like my paychecks."     NEED FUL...

Westside students at their everyday jobs!

Nikeria Newberry and Trinety Williams .

September 25, 2017

Filed under Student Life/Teen Issues, The Struggle Is Real

PIZZA HUT Rasheeda G - " I like my job , it's cool we have the best pizza in Jacksonville!" PALM FISH CAMP Courtney A - "They have good benefits ! I love it. " MCDONALD'S Khamee - "its very tiring ! rude customers...

ios 11 update

September 25, 2017

Filed under Student Life/Teen Issues

" I like the screen recording and when im on Facetime I can record,But you have to be swift because you can easily get roped if you get caught lackin."- Josh Parker "With the ios 11 update you can screen record when you are...

Senior Year Opinions

kaylin hayes

September 21, 2017

Filed under Clubs & Activities, Student Life/Teen Issues

Q-Do you like what we have for senior week? A-Yes, everything besides the zoo. Because the zoo is something that we as seniors have less fun doing when growing up.So we should do something that is very entertaining. -Tamesha...

iPhone vs Android

September 21, 2017

Filed under Debate of the week, Student Life/Teen Issues

Which phone is better? Survey said iPhones .. Rasheda Gibson - “the camera is better and it has more features” Jakeria Todd - “camera better and I can FaceTime all my friends and also can play games” Taylor...

Mayor’s Summer Job Program

Andrew Fiore

March 8, 2017

Filed under Student Life/Teen Issues

The Mayor's Summer Job Program provides Jacksonville Youth, ages 16-21, with work experience. The program runs from June 12th through July 21. The program "consists of career assessment and readiness training, a Life-Skills Fair...

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