The Pieces of An Unseen Truth

Xavier Robinson, Reporter

May 3, 2019

So lately I have been studying and digging deep into my research on the human mind, other worlds, and some of the darkest, most poetic minds in history. What I found exactly (Which will not be shared in this story, but what the...

Mystery Of The Clay/Duval County Cultist

Xavier Robinson and Mia McKeever

April 2, 2019

A lot of people have different opinions about Duval and Clay county. Some would say they are boring, some say they are just a bunch of pothead areas, some even say we are just another area that has its ups and downs. What surpri...

A Deadly Mix

Xavier Robinson, Writer

April 1, 2019

In history there have been lots of very bad mixtures and reactions. Relationships, drugs, alcohol, etc. Lately I have been studying the deadly mix of insomnia and schizophrenia. Sleep deprivation itself is deadly. It can cause...

Faculty Spotlight

Kylah Roan, Publisher/Editor

April 1, 2019

Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Mark Ashman is an assistant principal at Westside High School. He is over the math department, technology, and a testing administrator. Mr. Ashman is a father, husband, soccer enthusiast, mentor, and edu...


Noemi Camunas and Mia McKeever

March 29, 2019

Yazier Serrano is a 17-year-old boy from Westside High School. He plays the sax in our school band, and in this interview he shares his point of view about music. Everybody likes music, but sometimes music has a different impact on ...

Westside’s High School reaction the the New Zealend Tragedy

Allysiah-Rose and Reynaldo

March 28, 2019

It's been a while since we openly discussed the New Zealend tragedy, and I know it's a contreversial topic but we haven't heard Westside's opinion yet. For those who don't know muslims were attacked in a Mosque while praying....

Students vs. dresscode Q&A

Mekilya Smith, Writer

March 28, 2019

I interviewed Daniel Ledesma and he's a student known to keep his hoodie on and disagrees with the dress code policy: Q: Do you think you should be able to dress how you want? A: Yes, because it expresses me. Q: Do you...

Favorite Throwback Songs Q&A

Kayla Person, Jorden Williams, and Mia McKeever

March 27, 2019

Cameron Hall Q: What is your favorite throwback song of all time? Hall: "One More Chance." Q: What is your favorite song from the 2000's? Hall: "Bartender." Q: What are some great throwback artists? Hall: "Tupac, ...

Student Problems

Caleb Thomasson

March 25, 2019

Anonymous 1 Anonymous 2 Q: Do you feel the schools staff cares about you? A1: No, some do [but] majority [don't]. A2: Not completely, but yes. Q: Does this school make you feel like you matter or have a purpose? A1:...

John Garren Interview

Rowan Aboeid, writer

March 19, 2019

Although he was not a journalist, he was still an interesting guy. He was a drummer in a band named, ''New Day.'' He played for a while until his priority changed. He is a Navy brat born in Maryland. He dropped out of...

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